Semifab Bio-tech / Medical

Bringing together two decades of electro-mechanical, temperature control, automation environmental enclosure development, design and production expertise to meet the needs of bio-tech, life science, research, clinical diagnostics automation and vertical integration.

OUR MISSION is provide high productivity laboratory automation and environmental controlled solutions to bio-tech, pharma and medical OEMs.


  • Supply quality tools that reduce lab time.
  • Develop, deign and build contaminant free environments for reliable testing.
  • Provide automated catalog and store systems to biotech, pharma and medical OEMs.
  • To assist in providing automation of multi-level lab process for improved yield results.
  • Creation of mini-environments, temp and humidity controlled, ambient, warm and humid, hot and wet



We deliver innovation through automation. Allow us to transform your laboratories daily operation, build your medical device or create your custom product design.