Precision Air Handlers and
Total Environmental Control Systems

  • Standard and custom size air handling solutions
  • Products from small filter fan units to 4000 CFM remote air modules
  • The best performing precision air handling systems in the semiconductor industry
  • TECU and ECU units provide integrated tool environment and cooling water control solutions

Semifab has constantly utilized the expertise of our engineering group to provide original precision air handling solutions to process environment questions for a wide range of industries. Our Process Air Control Modules are engineered with single or multiple air outlets, patented temperature and humidity control systems, and a history of trouble free operation in the field for decades. Semifab RAM, RAM-E, CD, CD-E, ECU and TECU units are currently providing clean and stable process environments in hundreds of manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Our premier process tool environmental management solution is our Total Environmental Control Unit (TECU) which integrates process tool environment and process cooling water management into one unit slightly larger than a comparable Remote Air Module. Saving on floorspace with no loss of control precision or operational performance the Semifab TECU provides a solution unmatched by the competition.

Our history of unique solutions to environmental control questions allows us to quickly adapt our existing control solutions, from electronics to air handling, to your specific process requirements. With a number of patents in place, and several more pending, Semifab creates solutions and coordinates their development with your engineering talent to insure the success of your product.