Chambers & Enclosures

  • Enclosures of up to 4800 cubic feet
  • A history of meeting the most stringent process environment specifications
  • The largest environmental chamber and enclosure manufacturer in Silicon Valley

A major part of Semifab's history in environmental control solutions has been the design and manufacture of custom large-scale process tool enclosures. From deep UV photolithography to wafer transport to pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, we have set the standards and will work closely with your engineering team to insure that we know and address every aspect of your project's scope. Capitalizing on our experience designing custom solutions to our customers, Semifab also manufactures a number of off the shelf mini-environment solutions to your isolation and environmental control needs. Regardless of the temperature and humidity parameters, or total environmental requirements, Semifab can provide you with the control performance that you need to guarantee your product success.

To assist you in the product selection process, here are some nomenclature guidelines:

Equipment Enclosures Tool isolation without temperature and humidity control.
Environmental Chambers A fully contained environmental control solution.
Mini-Environments A small custom modular environmental control solution.